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Rachel (Leicester) “We are delighted with the figures, they are just what we were hoping for and more. We will be recommending MyminiYou in the future” March 2011

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Esther (London) “I am so happy with our figure, its been a pleasure dealing with you and I can’t wait to see my fiance’s face on our wedding day” June 2010

Julie(Buckinghamshire) “Absolutely thrilled with the MyminiYou created for my friends 50th. She screamed with laughter when she saw it. The whole experience was great really good customer service and such a novel gift!! Thanks again” June 2010

Dean (Walsall) “Our figures arrived yesterday, they are absolutely superb. Many thanks we are delighted” June 2010

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Paul (Bham) Thankyou once again for your excellent and attentive service. I have no doubt we will be using you again in the future.” May 2010

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Joanne (Daventry) “They are fantastic, we love them!!!” April 2010

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Rebecca (Kent) “It’s fab, Thank you so much. Wish i didn’t have to keep it a secret for the next 3 months, I am one happy customer” Feb 2010

Tammie (Swansea) “Thank you so much for all your help, an outstanding and speedy service. Already planning our next purchase” Feb 2010

Christine (Stafford) “a really big thank you for your hard work, our friends were absolutely delighted. You provided an excellent service despite the short time scale we gave you. A present that was unique!!” Feb 2010

Paul (Bham) “Absolutely brilliant! We are sitting here with tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks.Thanks a million” 13th Dec 2009

Simon (St Ives) “Thanks for all of your help and communication with my order, you have been first class!!!” 27th Nov 2009

Annie (Welwyn Garden City) ” I have received the model and it looks fantastic. I will be spreading the word not only on the high quality of the model but on the high quality of service” 30th Nov 2009

Paul (Uxbridge) “Just received the models at work…….Fantastic! They look great and are much bigger than I anticipated. Thanks a million for an all round excellent service” 22nd Dec 2009

Michelle (Bham) “I would just like to say that we have been very happy with the service and communication from start to finish has been exceptional and would definitely recommend MyminiYou to others” 10th Jan 2010

Mrs Lee (Wakefield England) “MyminiYou manufactured and delivered my figures for a wedding in 10 days.The service was excellent and the happy couple loved it” 7th Sept 2009

Mr & Mrs Tynan(Birmingham England) “We did the whole family. Kian loved his Villa kit and it made a brilliant present” 16th Oct 2009

Steve (London) “I did my friend singing Karaoke with Barak Obama, He was amazed at the likeness and has put it on his facebook page” 22nd Oct 2009

Jill (Kidderminster) “My husband did a MyminiYou for my graduation. It’s fantastic!!” 17th Aug 2009